King Tiger 600mg Tablet 10 nos x 1 Box

King Tiger 600mg Tablet 10 nos x 1 Box

SKU: ZOTI - 0004

King Tiger Original Natural Sex Tablets with Tin Package

1.Tiger king male natural sex drugs
2.Make penis regrow in length and width
3.Lasting long time
4.No side effect

Ingredients: Ginseng, pilose antler, cynomorium songaricum, wolfberry, shark cartilage, awe to etc. 26 traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

Function: tonifying kidney, strengthen the body, prolong sexual time and enhancing immunity

Applicable group: ED, premature ejaculation, atheno-spermia, sexual dysfunction, hypaphrodisia, short penis, myasthenia of limbs, dizziness and tinnitus, multi-night frequency of urination, night sweating, prostatitis and other symptoms caused by kidney deficiency.

Dosage: orally taken, take 1 piece 10-20 minutes before sexual intercourse and the drug effect lasts for 72 hours. The person with high blood pressure or heart disease also can take the drug. Taking after drinking will not affect the efficacy.

Attentions: do not be impatient for success and over taking

Specification: 600mg*10 tablets / tin

Storage: in a cool, sun proof, away from Children.

Expiration Time: 3 years