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GOLDEN ANT Enhancement 6800mg Tablet

GOLDEN ANT Enhancement 6800mg Tablet

SKU: ZOTI - 0033
8 000,00₹ Regular Price
5 600,00₹Sale Price

GOLDEN ANT Enhancement 6800 mg Tablet Pills Capsule For Male ED, premature ejaculation, Enhancement is also of great importance in prolonging the time of sexual intercourse and treating endurable erection. Moreover, Male Golden Ant can further enhance the tissue growth and promote the rapid growth of the penis function

Specification 6800mg*10 pills

Usage & Dosage Orally, take one pill 15 minutes before sex life.

Warning Drink enough cold water if happens multi erection.

Storage Retain in dry and awesome place, sealed.

Shelf Time 3 years

Manufacture Hong Kong Longkang Bio-technology International Co., Ltd

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